Even though there are a lot of things you can’t control you can be prepared for the unexpected.

The world can be a dangerous place because not everyone has the best intentions.  Protection from active shooter events has become a high priority for schools across the country. Securing the building perimeter is a challenge when glass doors and windows are common in architectural design.  You can no longer count on “it won’t happen here”.  An important lesson of history, is that communities need to be vigilant regarding security threats.  One of focal points has been to improve the perimeter security strategy through glass, the weakest entry point in our schools.

Fortunately there is a cost effective solution to help protect your schools, businesses, and homes.

3M Security & Safety Window Film is a clear security film made of a highly specialized tear resistant micro-layered polyester.  It includes a special, thicker adhesive that holds broken glass together, hindering anyone trying to break and enter through a window. It also reduces the threat of flying glass in the event of an explosion. The film has been identified and utilized by hundreds of schools, and numerous states, as one of the most  cost effective solutions to secure the building exterior.  3M Security & Safety Window Film is designed to hold the glass together, while 3M Impact Protection Profile bonds the contained glass to the frame of the window. It is critical to not only hold the glass together, but maintain the glass in the frame, in order to sustain the barrier between the active shooter and the interior of the building, providing precious extra response time during an active shooter event.

You can also be prepared for the unexpected at you business and home.  Protect family & guests, employees & customers against unwanted entry.  Reduce the potential of injury from flying glass during weather related incidences or natural disasters.  Guard against property or data loss, and have less business disruption, protecting your bottom line.