Printed Film & Wall Graphics

Nestlé USA - Headquarters Arlington, VA

“Creativity with No Limits – Transform Plain Glass to Capture the Look”

Custom Printed Film & Wall Graphics

Each floor of the new Nestlé USA headquarters is associated with a specific Nestlé product family. The architects and designers were looking for ways to incorporate wall & glass art to promote the Nestlé philanthropic culture and mission in a way that was noticeable yet subtle in appearance.

Custom printed film was chosen because it not only allowed the designers to use the color palate used on each of the product floors, it offered the benefit of the design to be viewed from inside as well as outside the glass enclosure. Neutral shades and simple images were used with vibrant colored shapes that segued from the wall to the glass then back to the wall. As an added benefit, if a re-design is desired in the future, film replacement is a much better economic option than glass replacement.

From design, to production, to installation the art turned out beautifully. The images above are two of the installed art pieces. Vegetation came to life on the glass as if it were blowing in the breeze. The graphics accented the space perfectly, making the work environment stimulating. Just enough privacy was added to the glass to feel comfortable but not closed in.

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