Hüper Optik Shield Series

Private Residence Los Angeles CA

“It Can Happen Anywhere – Find the right Safety & Security Film, While Maintaining Original Look and Beauty”

When it comes to natural disasters or potential break-ins the weakest structure in your home is windows.  You can never be too careful about potential break-ins – it really can happen anywhere.

For this homeowner their main concern was safety & security since they live in an elegant family-style home.  The home has windows and doors that provide a direct visible look inside at valuable furnishings, paintings, and personal items, making them a prime-target for a home invasion.  When a burglar can easily see into your home, it presents a danger to you, your family and home.

The homeowner wanted to make sure their home was prepared for anything.  The choice was professionally installed Hüper Optik Clear Shield safety & security window film.  This security film when applied to the window strengthens the glass against breaking or shattering.  It’s designed to offer you protection while maintaining the integrity and appearance of your home.  The security window film deters a thief from penetrating or breaking the windows and glass doors by increasing the force required to break the glass and shatter.  Any shattered glass stays intact within the window or door frame, preventing entry by the burglar.

In addition the clear security window film offers a level of protection from harmful ultraviolet light, and when combined with a Hüper Optik solar film it can reduce solar heat, saving on energy costs.

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