Hüper Optik Ceramic 35

Hotel Valencia - San Antonio

“Sustainability – Energy, Aesthetics, Artwork & Furnishings”

Decrease Energy Consumption

The contemporary and stylish Hotel Valencia is located on the famed Riverwalk in San Antonio TX.  The 7600 sq. ft. 213 room luxury boutique hotel needed to decrease energy consumption and utility bills.

With a consistent full house, the facility manager wanted to find a way to make the guests a little more comfortable and further their effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

Hüper Optik Energy Saver Ceramic 35 was the film of choice selected because of its high energy-efficiency properties.  The ability to drastically reduce solar heat from entering a room provided the perfect solutions for increasing comfort in all the guestrooms.  Another benefit of installing window film was the reduction of glare and fading of upholstery, décor and artwork that were in contact with the incoming ultraviolet light from the sun.

The Valencia Hotel management team was pleased with their decision to install window film.  The Hüper Optik Energy Saver Ceramic 35 provided the perfect solution for the issues they faced and was given an estimated return on investment of 3.44 years.  Management was able to see and feel the difference with an improvement in comfort and a decrease in glare and fading.  Their project also achieved its goal of decreasing energy consumption.  This led to a decrease in the hotel’s utility bills to the tune of $13,651 annually, which is equivalent to a reduction of 1,328,586 lbs. of CO2, 343,599 lbs of SO2, 572,666 lbs. of NO or the equivalent of saving 67.63 acres of trees.  GoGreen!

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