A Real World Solution - Safety and Security Window Film

Virginia Supreme Court - Richmond VA

“Superior Invisible Protection – Against a Multitude of Different Threats”

First Line of Defense

It is a solution that’s invisible to potential attackers – there is no way to know the glass is fortified.  During a recent Virginia Supreme Court building construction upgrade project, Clear View Window Film Solutions installed Safety & Security Window Film in compliance with GSA 3B standards for windows.  Glass is the weak link when it comes to safety and security during threats such as break-ins, natural disasters, explosions, freak accidents, and active shooter events.  The result of installing safety and security window film is improved safety for the public, employees and guests.

Flying glass shards are one of the most common causes of blast related injures and fatalities.  Safety & Security Window Film is engineered to hold broken glass fragments together after any high impact event.  These specialized window films combined with their unique attachment systems work to protect people from flying glass shards and deters or delays entry into building by intruders.

Be proactive!  Today’s modern buildings are designed with a lot of glass because natural light contributes to employee productivity and helps students learn.  An important part of protecting people is having locked doors and a practiced escape/shelter plan is important.  A key part of a first line of defense for people in your buildings when it comes to these types of threats, is treating the glass with an effective barrier.

In past active shooter events where doors were locked, the shooter simply shot out the glass – and in seconds – entered the building.  Professionally installed Safety & Security Window Film significantly deters entry and adds back those precious minutes, giving more time for occupants to seek shelter or escape, and more time for a 1st responder to reach the scene and neutralize the shooter.

Recommended uses for Safety & Security Window Film includes:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Retail Locations vulnerable to theft and vandalism.
  • Commercial Offices and Hotels
  • Government Buildings and Health Care Facilities
  • Restaurants and other Public Spaces
  • Primary Residence and 2nd Homes.

By matching the correct solution for each situation, the security of your building and the protection of its occupants will be improved dramatically.

Proper installation of Safety & Security Window Film is critical.  Clear View Window Film Solutions has been installing these affordable specialized window films for over a decade.  We have done a significant number of residential and commercial properties.  Here is a list of just a few of our commercial safety & security projects.

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  • Virginia Supreme Court

    • Richmond
  • Armed Forces Career Centers

    • Charlottesville,
    • Staunton,
    • Culpepper
  • Social Security Administrations

    • Charlottesville
    • Staunton
    • Harrisonburg
    • Lynchburg
  • H.H. McGuire Veterans Hospital

    • Richmond
  • Philip Morris/Altria

    • Richmond
  • Judge Advocate General’s School (UVA Campus)

    • Charlottesville
  • BWXT Nuclear Operations Group

    • Lynchburg
  • Homeland Security/ICE

    • Harrisonburg
  • Internal Revenue Service

    • Staunton
  • n-Telos/Sprint (23 stores)

    • VA & WVA
  • Albemarle County Elementary Schools

    • Brownsville
    • Hollymead
    • Stony Point
    • Woodbrook
  • CACI

    • Charlottesville
  • ARKAY Packaging

    • Roanoke
  • Rogue River Farms

    • Verona
  • Staunton Innovation Hub

  • Public Works Building

    • Charlottesville
  • Harris Teeter

    • Crozet
  • Charlottesville Airport

  • Office Max

    • Midlothian
  • Southern Environmental Law

    • Charlottesville
  • Medicap

    • Harrisonburg
  • WHSR 3

    • Harrisonburg
  • Top Notch Pharmacy

    • Charlottesville
  • Office of Disability Adjudication and Review

    • Charlottesville
  • Covenant School

    • Charlottesville
  • Renaissance School

    • Charlottesville
  • Numerous Private Residences and 2nd Homes