Engineered for Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings to Enhance Your Investment.

Energy Efficient Buildings

Commercial buildings that are protected, comfortable, energy efficient and beautiful means a potentially healthier bottom line for you.  Reject the sun’s heat with Hüper Optik™ Window Films and reduce the cost of keeping your building comfortable. An estimated 33% of cooling expenses are due to solar heat gain from windows. That’s why cost-effective, energy-saving technologies like Hüper Optik™ Window Films are crucial to protecting your bottom line — by rejecting the sun’s heat to keep your space at an even, moderate temperature.Window film is considered a top-tier technology for energy conservation with one of the fastest paybacks.

Energy Efficient with Ceramic Window Films

Control the sun with ceramics. Performance and clarity you can count on. Advanced ceramics allow these films to maintain their color ad appearance over time.  Reject the sun’s infrared light and reject the heat coming through your windows and block harmful UV rays, significantly reducing fading of your furnishings.

Fast Payback

Energy Efficient PLUS Safety & Security

Windows are among the weakest points in your building envelope.  Should the glass break, the space can become unsafe for occupants and even significantly disrupt daily operations. Combining Hüper Optik ™ Shield Series Window Film with an Impact Protection Attachment System adds an additional level of security. With our many options in style, opacity and translucency, you can tailor the amount of privacy you want for an interior space without sacrificing light. All this possible from a trusted source – Hüper Optik ™ and Clear View Window Film Solutions.

Protect People and Upgrade to Code

Did you know?   Building code may specify that glass in certain hazardous locations, such as glass near wet surface, doors, floors, ramps and stairs, meet certain safety glazing requirements.  Safety & Security Window film lets you upgrade your glass to code for a fraction of the cost of replacing with tempered glass.


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