Hüper Optik Select SECH

Private Residence – Beverly Hills CA

“Sun and Comfort Control. Reducing Solar Heat – While Maintaining Beautiful View”

Sometimes when you buy a home you don’t always realize there may be some less obvious challenges with the house, like “sun and comfort control”.  The owner of this beautiful home noticed that the wood floors had been damaged by the sun.  With untreated windows, damaging ultraviolet light came streaming in day-after-day and severely affected the appearance and condition of valuable furnishings and floors.

In addition to the damage to floors and furnishings, the heat and glare from the east-facing windows made it nearly impossible to enjoy the comfort of the room without increasing the cooling system output, risking potential cooling system premature failure, not to mention higher cooling costs.

The homeowner, after learning the different window film options, chose Hüper Optik Select SECH Window Film.  They couldn’t have picked a better film.  This film is excellent because it not only blocks 83% of infrared heat, it also rejects 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays.came with challenges.

The Hüper Optik Select series includes Select DREI and Select SECH.  Select SECH the darker film in the  Series, allows 59% of visible light transmission to come into the home, while reducing unwanted eye-straining glare.

The light was plentiful and optically clear.  The views were softened perfectly, enhancing the view outside for everyone to enjoy.  The homeowner was exceptionally pleased with the results.

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