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Replacement Windows can be Expensive.  There are many reasons why people should consider a window replacement alternative.  Sometimes there is a better alternative to consider when you think about the ‘why’s’.

30% of all energy used to heat and cool homes in the U.S. escapes through the windows.  Want to Upgrade your windows to Save Energy?  Think about window film as a window replacement alternative.   

3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control Window Film is a “low-e” window film which improves the insulation value of a window.  Upgrade a single pane window insulation value close to that of a double pane window, and the insulation value of a typical double pane window close to a triple pane window.  This film makes your windows more efficient and saves you money on energy costs at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows.

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Your Window was Broken.  Were you thinking of upgrading to safety glass?  There is a better cost effective alternative – 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film.  Minimize breaking glass injuries.  Deter forced entry crimes and theft.  Mitigate the effects of natural disasters on glass windows and doors.  Fortify vulnerable entry points – make schools safer.  Say no to graffiti by creating a first line of defense.


For your business – There are a lot of things you can’t control – the weather and accidents to name a few.  Security Window Films reduces the risk of flying glass, helping to guard against injury to people and property and data losses.  Helping to protect your employees and ensuring less business disruption is good business and protects your bottom line.

For your home – Keep family, guests and property safe from dangers posed by intruders, severe weather and broken glass.  Break-ins and burglaries occur every 18 seconds, somewhere in the country.  Locks and security systems deter some burglars, but what about your home’s most vulnerable points of entry: windows?  Security Window Film makes it harder to break through your glass doors and windows.  The more secure the glass is, the longer it takes for an intruder to break through, the longer you have to get help.

For your School – Protection from active shooter events has become a high priority for schools across the country.  Securing the building perimeter is challenging when glass doors and windows are common in school design.  School systems today are searching for better security measures.  Certainly adding resource officers and locking doors is important.  What value were the locks actually providing if the glass could simply be shout out during an active shooter event.  Security Window film is an affordable solution that hinders anyone trying to break and enter through a window.

We love what we do and we love our clients. Let us take a first-hand look at the challenges you face, we’ll share ideas and the benefits of window film.

There are a lot of reasons to install window film — and yours is the most important one to us.

Protecting the Historic look while Upgrading.  Public and private owners of historic building are dedicated to perpetuating and revitalizing Virginia’s cultural, architectural and historic heritage ensuring historic places remain an integral part of the lives of present and future generations.

Glass Windows and Doors Require Special Consideration — to maintain preservation standards. The Secretary of the Interior ‘Standards for rehabilitation & Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings‘ for windows provides specific recommendations to protect the ‘historic’ look when upgrading windows.

A Viable Solution for Mitigating Damage Caused by UV Rays — protecting irreplaceable furnishings and interiors. Many Restoration and Preservation Directors are using Window Film as a solution for blocking UV rays while maintaining the historic aesthetics of the building.

Unique Windows Designs are More Challenging — Architects and artisans designed windows with arches, angles, and many small panes that require special handling to maintain the design and the integrity of the window.

Clear View Window Film Solutions has the experience — and the skill required to property apply window film to historic windows. We’ve worked with local Restoration & Preservation Directors at Monticello, Montpelier, the University of Virginia, and Washington Lee University.