We Love Windows because they connect us to the outdoors. 

Windows provide natural daylight, amazing views, and creating open and inviting interiors for our homes and businesses, while reducing energy consumption and lowering your electric bill.  But did you know how important natural light is to your overall health and productivity?  Natural light boosts your body’s vitamin D storage.  Natural light leads to higher productivity.  Natural light benefits vision.  Natural light helps you sleep. Natural light improves your mood.  There are many benefits to sunlight instead of flipping a light switch.

Unfortunately, sunlight exposes your interiors to heat and glare, and your valuable furnishings and floors to fading. Traditionally people installed blinds and shades, but there are major deficiencies with those options.  To get any results, blinds and shades have to be closed: eliminating your light and views.  They trap heat inside your room, making it even warmer.  They need constant adjustment, making it ineffective against fading unless completely closed.


What if you can get the best of all worlds?  Reduce heat, glare, and fading, while improving your view.  Now you can with 3M™ Window Films and Clear View Window Film Solutions™.  Get a better view without the heat, glare, and damage from Clear View Window Film Solutions.

Watch and See the Difference